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Traits of Trade Show Displays that Attract an Audience

Setting up your counter at a trade show isn’t easy. It comes with lots of traveling costs, lots of upfront fees, not to mention the fact that it takes time and energy to maintain a strong presence at a trade show and plan for it all. So if you’re going to do it, it pays to do it right.

The problem? Many businesses at trade shows put only the most cursory thought into planning what they’ll do at their exhibit. The results are flat presentations, unenthusiastic trade show attendees, and the general feeling that a great opportunity has been somehow lost.

Don’t be that kind of trade show vendor. Be something better. Here’s how:

Step One: Get Noticed—Fortune Favors the Bold

One of our favorite things to conjure up in our custom trade show displays is a sense of boldness. Your trade show display should not only be interesting and engaging—it should be eye-catching from first sight. That means bright colors, a positive use of the space made available to you, and the daring to stand out from the crowd.

True: not every trade show display has that kind of real estate to work with. That’s why “getting noticed” isn’t just about big expensive displays. Here are some essential strategies to consider:

  • Think about your product or service like a first-time customer. Imagine you’re the one attending the trade show. You’ve never heard of your product. You’ve never heard of your company. What will it take to get you to walk over? Jot down a few ideas, and then follow through.
  • Think about samples or displays that draw crowds. The key to drawing people to your trade show display? Social proof. If your booth is empty, people will be more likely to ignore you. If, however, you can draw in a consistent audience by providing samples, product displays, and other attention-grabbing enticements, you’ll stand a much better chance at creating a small crowd.

Step Two: Research Trade Shows and Find Your Key Differentiator

There’s nothing that will stop enthusiasm in its tracks like the notion that your company is just like all of the other ones at the trade show. Try researching a recent trade show in your field and view as many exhibits as you can. Take notice of what those exhibits have in common, and how might your product/service stand out from a similar crowd at the next trade show?

Step Three: Follow Through the Trade Show

Anyone who has ever ran even a food truck knows that it’s not only about drawing in attention—you have to persuade customers to take action. Create an action plan for turning customers into leads, even if it’s as simple as a sign-up sheet for customer emails. Have business cards and simple giveaways like refrigerator magnets ready to go so your potential customers and business partners never forget who you are. And don’t forget to Request a Quote with Sign It Quick to ensure that your next trade show is well worth the investment.

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